Fig-cropping is done in the summer months and ends by early September. Kumilio offers a range of products each requiring special handling according to the raw fruit’s appropriate stage in the cycle of maturity. By so doing, we manage to take the best possible advantage of our produce also respecting the riches the fig-tree has yet to offer.


Together with our collaborators we share tasks and domains so that everyone’s expertise and experience may be fully applied on all fields. As a result, in our final product we combine the aptest raw material processed by the aptest collaborators at exactly the aptest time.

The Moustélia

“Moustelia” – i.e. over-ripe figs – are the only ones to be selected when it comes to dried figs. Having slit them open, we place them on wooden racks where they are to be exposed to sunlight and open air for a few days.
After having been dried and re-selected, figs of similar size are matched in pairs forming the final product known as the “Kimi fig” or “askada”. The whole process is completed with natural sterilization where figs are being boiled and finally dried. During sterilization, no sulfur vapors are used. Our vacuum-packed figs come with a bay laurel leaf which adds aroma and also serves as a natural preservative.
Almonds, walnuts, lemon juice and cocoa are all ingredients that we use in some of our products. We choose to work together with producers with whom we share common values and perceptions: the significance of a healthy diet, the growth of greek agriculture, our roots and our future.