The fine nature of the fig excludes any mechanical processing. Collecting, laying them on racks for sun drying, matching in pairs can only be done by hand.
By nature, handpicked!
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Our inspiration

What inspires us is the organic connection of a fruit to its particular soil. It is our way to promote the Kími fig, fresh and sundried, a fruit that ranks high in the history of greek diet and which combines an exceptional sweet taste with rare nutritional value. To us, it represents the collective memory of Kími’s people.


At Kími, fig season is a time when the whole community gets involved. We make the best of our produce but at the same time try to build firm alliances with other devoted local producers. Our common desire is to highlight the importance of cooperativeness as a way to strengthen the local community on a social as well as on a financial level.


Our products – though they have some obvious uses – have great potential for cooking experimentation. Here's a series of serving suggestions that will boost your creativity!

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